Araromi Local Council Development Area was carved out of old Iseyin Local Government in December 2016. Its Headquarters Located in the heart of Araromi Ado-Awaye town and secretariat Complex is situated along Eruwa Road. Araromi Local Council Development Area was bounded in the North Igboogaa (Kajola Local Government) and bounded in East by Maya (Ibarapa East Local Government).
The inhabitants of the Local Council Government Area are predominantly Yorubas, living in their traditional Settlements other ethnic nationalities like Hausa, Fulani, Egede, Ohori and Foreigners also reside within the Community.
The Local Council Development Area being rural Community, took the advantage of endowed arable land to venture into farming. No wonder about 95% of the Populace are farmers while others are resort to trading and mining activities. A crop of public officers/ Civil servants also reside within the community thereby adding values to the environment.
Agricultural Produce predominant in the Local Council Development Area are Yam, Cassava, Yam-flour, Cassava-flour and so on. Garri processing is one of the major agro Allied industry which provides people with cheap jobs. It also boosts the socio-economy of the Local Council Development Area owning to the availability of fertile forest, Cocoa, Kolanut and Cashew and Planted as cash crop.